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Triple Integral and volume

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    Just needing to check an answer really. The question is as follows;

    The domain bounded by the surface of a paraboloid z=2-x^2-y^2 and that of a cone z^2=x^2+y^2 is given by D = ( x,y,z : x^2+y^2 [tex]\leq[/tex] 1, sqrt(x^2+y^2) [tex]\leq[/tex] z [tex]\leq[/tex] 2-x^2-y^2 ). Find its volume using the appropriate coordinate system.

    I've used cylindrical coordinates for this problem and found the answer to be (5*Pi)/6. Can anyone tell me if this is actually correct or have a made a mistake somewhere along the way?

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    That's exactly correct.
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