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Triple integral, I need a little help

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    I have a group of problems that deals with the equations:

    f(x,y)= x^2+y^2

    I know that the surfaces z=f(x,y) and z=g(x,y) intersect in a closed curve, C, and the projection of C onto the xy-plane is a circle. However, I am having trouble finding its xy-equation, center, and radius. Additionally and more importantly, I am in the dark on setting up the double or triple integral for the volume of the region bounded by z=f(x,y) and z=g(x,y). Can anyone please help.
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    The two surfaces intersect along a circle centered at (x, y) = (2, -1) with a radius of [itex]\sqrt 5[/itex] so you might consider a coordinate transformation placing (2, -1) at the new origin.
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