Triple Integral

  1. hi everyone
    the integral is :
    I = \int\limits_0^1 {\int\limits_0^x {\int\limits_0^y {ydzdydx} } }
    I'm not sure about the answer , but i think it'll be
    \frac{{x^3 }}{3}
    am i right ??????
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    Go back and learn the basics again. Since there is an integral with respect to dx, the result cannot possibly be a function of x. The result here must be a number. Did you forget to do the final integral?
  4. As halls said, pay very close attention to what variable you are integrating with respect to. If you have a different variable within the integrand treat it as a constant both while integrating and evaluating.
  5. I knew that i was wrong
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  6. I am not so sure about that. I got a different answer. Perhaps you want to show your steps?
  7. Sorry , It'll be 1/12 (won't it ??)
    \int\limits_0^1 {\int\limits_0^x {\int\limits_0^y {ydzdydx = \int\limits_0^1 {\int\limits_0^x {\left( {\int\limits_0^y {ydz} } \right)} } } } } dydx = \int\limits_0^1 {\int\limits_0^x {y^2 } dydx} \\
    = \int\limits_0^1 {\left( {\int\limits_0^x {y^2 dy} } \right)} dx = \int\limits_0^1 {\frac{{x^3 }}{3}} dx = \left( {\frac{{x^4 }}{{12}}} \right)_0^1 = \frac{1}{{12}} \\
  8. There you go.
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