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Triple Integral

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    How would I evaluate the triple integral [tex]\int\int\int_H(x^2+y^2)[/tex] dV,
    where H is the region bounded x2 + y2 = 1, y = x, y = 0, z = 0, z = 2
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    It is sector of a cylinder. Try cylindrical coordinates. A very simple integral results.
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    I was about to say Moment of Inertia about the z axis. But no!.

    Um yes when you convert to cylindrical co-ordinates remember the [tex]cos^{2}(x) + sin^{2}(x) = 1[/tex] and you should be left with [tex]r^{2}[/tex]. Making the integration easier. Don't for get the Jacobian.
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    Cheers. Thought so
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