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Homework Help: Triple pendulum

  1. Mar 15, 2006 #1
    I am trying to do a computer model of a triple pendulum.
    I have looked up some of the models for single and double pendulum and successfully model them.
    but when i start of triple pendulum, i encounter a really fundamental problem, i dont know how to write the system of equation for that.:frown:

    i got the first equation to be (m1+m2+m3)[L1]^2 [x1]''+(m2+m3)([L1][L2][L3]) [x2]''+(m1+m2+m3)[L1]g [x1] ==0

    but i feel that the first equation has already missing something. but i cant really tell because my mechanic class was taken long time ago and the book i have doesnt explain much about setting up the equation. it just basically told me that is the equation.

    any help will be appreciated
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    I asked my TA for help and they just simply ignored me... I know this question might increase their workload.
    Any 3 bodies system like 3 masses spring system also work too. i just want to understand how to setup such system.
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    Physics Monkey

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    It isn't too difficult to write down equations of motion for this system, but they will be a bit longish. Before I try to explain how to get them though, do you have in mind pendula confined to swing in a plane or free to move in all three dimensions?
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    I am actually doing it in 2D at this time. i believe 2d can fully demotrate a chaotic system.
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