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Trivia from a forum.

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    Long story. Not a homework question, tho sometimes I think the person running the contest would think to use a forum contest to do his coursework. But it's not.

    Topic: Linear algebra.

    If no one gets it right after 3 days then we can use any means to get the question right, now becomes a race.

    Row reduce a 3x3 matrix A to the identity matrix.What is a basis for the matrix?
    (Diagnose a 3x3 matrix over complex numbers and 2 of the complex eigenvalues are row reducing to identity matrices when you do A-lambda*I (where lambda is the eigenvalue

    Not copied directly, doing on my phone so sorry for the terrible grammar. And I can't, well more like I don't want to, tell you the prize of the contest, its super nerdy and embarrassing. Maybe not as bad as I think considering Im on a physics forum and there are probably alot of WoW nerds, but now that I think about it, its worse than world or warcraft.

    Edit: btw, I was going to put in homework section just cause it sounded like a homework question (and figuring people have more sympathy for a student and would respond quicker :p but it wouldn't let me start a topic. Search function would tell me but my phone is a pain so anyone care to tell a noob if its my phone messing up or is there a post count needed to use homework section?
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    We generally do not allow contest-type questions on the PF, for the reason that you mention.

    It does not take any post count to post in the Homework Help forums. However, contest-type questions are generally not allowed there either. Posters should fill out the Homework Help Template provided, including the Relevant Equations and Attempt at a Solution.
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