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Trojan found on my computer

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    A Trojan.W32.agent.azsy was found on my computer. what anti-trojan software can I download for free?
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    One can try Malwarebytes.


    There is a free version, and a paid version. Some suppliers offer a free version that has limited capabilities. If one wants full service, then one should expect to pay.
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    Thanks Astronuc. That helped.
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    If you have removed the mal-ware, download and install Avast for ongoing prevention. Here is a link to the version that is free for non-commercial use. If you use your PC for business, they would like you to purchase the professional version. Avast is very effective, and the definitions (to ID mal-ware, viruses, etc) are updated automatically at least once a day if you are on-line.

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    AVG is very popular as a free anti virus software.

    However, once you've been infected, it is usually a waste of time to attempt to remove the infection. You may be able to pacify it, but you can never be sure, and chances are you will never remove all traces of it. Do you really want to risk having your identity stolen, slower boot up times, and low internet bandwidth? Unless you're confident that the virus was detected before it did serious damage, you should reformat.
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    I agree with junglebeast. Anti virus software is good (I use AVG) but once you're infected the only way to be sure is to reformat and reinstall. Both a friend of mine and myself have been infected recently with malware just from browsing ordinary web sites. You no longer have to download and install software or visit porn sites to become a victim. I also use Firefox browser with the NoScript addon.
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    Please be cautious when some unknown person with 1 or 2 posts suggests you should download from a site you've never heard of. I have deleted the spammer's posts. Noblegas, you might want to do a complete scan of your computer, McAfee has red listed that site the spammer referred you to.
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    The Malwarebyte program removed all of the infected files; I rescanned my computer using the Malwarebyte software and it found no more trojan horses on my computer; Why and what do I need to reinstall and reformat if malawarebyte found no more trojan horses?
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    Malwarebyte's program is pretty good. I used it on my son's PC when he got a particularly nasty virus/malware.

    A free program may have missed something, so I would strongly recommend buying a 'paid' version, which is updated and has tech support, and works all the time. Sometimes, antivirus or anti-malware scanners may miss something like a remnant in the registry file or in one of the windows folders, and the next time one boots/restarts, the virus is reactivated.

    I don't think it is necessary to reinstall and reformat, but one should get a robust AV software.

    Pay attention to the log-file with the actions taken and the files that were infected.

    Two good places that provide useful information are www.cnet.com[/url] and [url]www.pcworld.com[/URL], in addition to the sites of the AV providers.



    Do research on the products before buying.

    Evo makes a very good point. If someone has 1 or 2 posts and is offering a link to a site that one doesn't know, then use the REPORT button to bring it to the attention of the staff.
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    Whether you reinstall or not depends on your comfort level. If it were me, and I used the computer for online banking or credit card purchases, then I would not want to take a chance. AV programs are not perfect. And they're always playing catch-up to the bad guys. If you want to reinstall then all you need is your OS backup. New computers use to come with the backup OS on CD, but now they make you burn your own after you buy the computer. You will of course have to reinstall any software you've purchased or downloaded since your last backup. You do have everything backed up don't you? :)
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    No. Should I backed up all the files on my computer on a flashdrive?
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    It's better to use an external drive which uses a USB2.0 or Firewire connection. Western Digital makes an external harddrive under the tradename MyBook.


    Usually it's not possible to make a copy of the OS and many/most Apps, but one can back up one's data files.
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    Because it is impossible to detect viruses, and it is impossible to remove them.

    Anti virus programs can sometimes catch viruses, and sometimes remove them, but you have to understand...they are attempting to do the impossible, and there's no way to be sure that it worked. In fact, these days, its possible to install viruses that persist even after reformatting your computer..
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    I don't know how much Norton hate is here, but the addon for Firefox is very useful. I know it shows on Google listings what sites are safe and which ones are not and actually opens a window to show what infections exist on the sites it recommends not going to.
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    thanks so much for useful info

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