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Trouble coping with Maths

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    Hey guys, I'm currently in my first year of undergrad studies.
    Term 1 was quite enjoyable and easy... but now i am near the end of term 2 and it is getting very difficult - we get assignment after assignment after assignment... this doesn't really bother me - what bothers me the most is that I find it very difficult to solve any of the problems on the assignment sheets.

    I keep trying as hard as I can to solve them but it keeps beating me down... and its starting to get kind of depressing.

    What do you guys think I should do? I'm really confused and not really sure what's going on..

    Thanks a bunch in advance :)
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    form a small study group of people at about the same level and work out some of the harder problems. and ask questions in class, and go to office hours.

    it is very common for good students to hit a wall about now in college because college is harder than high school. and good students especially are not used to having trouble, so they are ashamed to aSK QUESTIONS, GO FOR HELP, work together, etc....
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    Absolutely echo mathwonks advice.

    If you have to get something from an external source, then do so.
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    Yep, I agree. Talk to your professor or TA, get together a study group, or see if your university offers tutoring or help sessions. There's really no shame in it--I've known junior math majors to get independent tutoring for hard classes. Sometimes you just need to bang your head against it with someone there to help you along.
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