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Trouble grasping concepts

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    I'm in Calc II right and have switched my major from biology to math. I go to a small liberal arts college, my calc class consists of 8 people. Needless to say, the professor continually calls on each one of us in class to make sure we understand what's going on. I've been doing A+ work throughout the semester, that is, until we hit the last chapter about infinite sequences and series. But even before this chapter, I've noticed that it takes me a while to understand any concept. I always read the chapters before class, but even so, I feel that I just don't get things right away unlike the other students in the class. It takes me many hours after class to truly grasp these concepts. Even when doing homework, I first make numerous mistakes and then learn from them. Since I've been so overwhelmed with pre-med courses lately, calc has been on the backburner and I haven't had a chance to study and prepare for the course. These days, I seem to be the only one incapable of answering any questions that arise in class. I feel just plain dumb for not grasping these concepts on the spot. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Would I be classified as a slow learner?
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    You must not put Calculus "on the back burner." You may have too many other courses during this current semester. If you could adequately pass your Calculus 2 course, as well as your other courses by end of semester, then you should restudy all of Calculus 2 throroughly during the summer; this will help you to be in tune, prepared to begin your Calculus 3 in the Fall.

    You are not really the only student who learns Calculus slowly. Other students are probably also struggling to understand the concepts and the skills which go with them.
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    Calculus is difficult, no doubt about it. All the theoretical concepts and seemingly "clear and logical" proof.. It's o.k. if you don't grasp it all at once, and perhaps you should study with your classmates together because then you all can understand things and explain them to each other. Anyway, are you sure that you want to study math ? Calculus is just the start, although almost everone finds it difficult, but maybe you should consider this again. Not meaning to descourage you, but sometimes we might just like the idea of some subject before we know what it's all about.
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