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Trouble in Thesis Title

  1. Dec 15, 2014 #1
    Hello Guys! I'm Phillip John R. Endrinal. Im from The Phillipines and i am taking a Degree in bachelors of Computer Science.
    Im taking my thesis this semester but im having trouble in defining my title. My thesis title is "3D Based Simulation Model: Dynamics in Physics for Educational Purpose" but the thing is.. i only want to make a free falling bodies simulation.
    Is my title Correct? ill take any of your advise. Thank you!
    Also can someone give me a brief description of dynamics if possible. Thanks.
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    Is Free falling bodies part of dynamics?
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    Stephen Tashi

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    (In my opinion) Dynamics is the study of the relation between energy and motion In particular, it emphasizes the relation between forces and motion.

    Kinematics is the study of relations that are true regardless of the causes of the motion. For example, there is a relation between angular velocity and tangential velocity that does not depend on what causes the angular motion. That relation belongs to the topic of kinematics.

    If your simulation considers the energy or forces that cause a body to fall, then it deals with dynamics.
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