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Studying Trouble Studying at Home?

  1. Feb 5, 2008 #1
    I have trouble studying at home. It seems like I'm not the only one - I have a few other friends who are like this.

    I can't seem to sit down and focus at home. It could be because of the computer and what not, but that's not a problem if I have my laptop in school. Usually, from 5-10, the TV is on in another room, I can hear it slightly. That's my parents watching TV. It doesn't really bother me as much. Also, I get sleep/tired really easily. My bed is like 2 feet away and sometimes I wish I were sleeping. (Today is an extreme case - I just ate too much, so I'm under some major food coma... but it happens other times, too).

    Could it also be that I'm not "forced" to study because I don't have any upcoming tests?

    I'd really like to stop messing around at home and not studying. Any tips?
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    Maybe try studying at the library?
    Or get some ear plugs and remove some distractions?
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    If you are getting tired while studying you probably aren't sleeping enough, and I don't mean just lying in bed, I mean actually having a good nights sleep. Do you feel rested after you wake up in the morning or are you drowsy for a good while after?

    I've always found it difficult to study with certain background noise, like TV for example. If it is more of a white noise like the A/C running then it's not a problem.

    The library is a good choice as previously mentioned. It may be a mental issure for you with the distractions around at home.

  5. Feb 6, 2008 #4
    I have the exact same problem. My soln: I end my classes at 3 pm and then head over to the library till 8pm and then head home. After coming home, I eat and watch TV for an hour or so, and then hit the sack to wake up around 3 am. This way I get enough sleep and avoid the noise period. The last week and a half have been exceptions due to some personal stuff. I used to waste a lot of time on facebook, deleting that account was the best thing I ever did LOL.
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    Same with me. Usually I just try to go to the library then to study. Glad I'm not the only one.
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    I think a lot of us are like that. Personally I always do my homework in my office. I used to grade papers at home, but these days I even do that in my office as well. I suppose it differs from person to person, but it works better for me this way. Now, when I'm at home, I don't have to worry about getting work done. Granted, I only spend about 45 waking minutes to an hour at home on the average day...
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    I find it extremely difficult to study at home. Mostly since by the time I get home, I am 15 hours into my day. Partly because my wife and I still really enjoy each others company. I try to spend the first couple hours at work doing homework.
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    deleting facebook account?!?! gahh..I wish I had the nerve to do that, but it would probably save like a few hours for other things each week of my life
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    go out and study. simple solution
  11. Feb 7, 2008 #10
    ooooh studyin at home is a hella issue. I never studied at home since the environmnet not very much approperiate. The best place to go is the library it's my shelter during my exams.. sometimes i do my homeworks at Cafes like starbucks and so on but jsut homeworks ..
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    Try discipline. If you are stressed at school and home is a comfort zone, it can be easy to slack off. In my first year of engineering school, my dorm room was too comforting, with a nice stereo, lots of albums, and friends popping in and out. When I needed to study, I would pick a relatively abandoned lounge or game room, where the other occupants (if any) had their own agendas, and I could ignore them and get some real work done. These days, it would be even easier. I would have loaded all my Brandenberg concertos on an MP3 player, plugged in some headphones and worked in relative isolation. Bach is great background music for working with maths and sciences.
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    Please tell me how to do this! I would love to delete my profile from that god forsaken website. I've used it about 5 times, but I get far more soliciting through that website than I would like.

    I agree with the library suggestion. I used to do this all the time back when I had classes with extremely long homework. Now I have my own office space at school though, so if I really need to buckle down I head in there. The worst thing you can do is a) be at a computer or b) be near a TV. I decided enough was enough and tossed my TV a few years back and go over to a friend's place if something we mutually like is on.
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    i have the same problem - what worked for me was going to a busy yet quiet library (yes they do exist ) and study there - whenever you seem like you're loosing focus just look around you and you'll be surrounded by others that aren't - gives you more motivation and drive to get through your work.

    Best of luck
  15. Feb 8, 2008 #14
    To the OP: Make your study space somewhere other than your bedroom.
  16. Feb 9, 2008 #15
    If you can't study at home, don't fight it! What you can do is self-study something that interest you, so then at least you're being productive. I only study for my classes at school, and read/learn what I feel like at home :-]
  17. Feb 9, 2008 #16
    lol unplug your computer, turn off your cell & ask family members to tell whoever calls that you're busy. set up a reasonable goal, (e.g. make notes on chapter 2 by 5 pm), write it down and stick it on a wall somewhere to help you if you can't stay on task.
    avoid looking at/ thinking of your bed at all costs if you're sleepy and you have a big test to study for! it's too much temptation :)
    take short 10 min breaks in between to clear your head. i find that playing classical music helps when you're easily distracted.
    it's hard for me to study in libraries--i always end up meeting up with people and forgetting about work completely
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