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Trouble understanding how to formulate rhis problem

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    im having a bit of trouble understanding how to formulate rhis problem, can someone please help me?
    the problem is:

    there are two types of product A and B.

    In a monthly prod. the shop makes 16 of A when it makes a profit of £1000 per model, and this drops to 12 when the profit is increased £1200.
    Also they sell 20 of B, when their profit is £1400 per model, and when they increase the profit to £2100 they sell only 10.

    how do i formulate this problem?
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    The first question you have to ask - what are you trying to determine? Your statement gives information, but no question.
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    well im trying to maximise the revenue,
    so i have to formulate this problem. thats what im stuck on.
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    It looks to me that you don't have enough information to formulate the problem. Decreasing production while increasing revenue can only take you so far.
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