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Trouble with g in GRT

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    How can the distortion of space-time by matter lead to the attraction of two objects in space? What I mean is on a 2D plane representing space-time, a 3D object representing a planet can cause the geometry of space-time to warp, and that a passing smaller 3D object will spiral around the larger because of the ripple it makes. However, what I do not understand is how the two-dimensional analogy can be transfered into the three-dimensional world that we inhabit. I guess what I am trying to say is how does the curvature relate to us, are we pulled down by earth, are we pushed down by warped space-time? Sorry if none of this made sense. . .
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    Space-time is 4 dimensional not two dimensional: with (x,y,z and t) I think you need to see the fabric of space as 3D rather than 2D, otherwise you'll confuse yourself. It is true that GR only works if we assume a flat space in terms of acceleration and gravity, but this is not what actually happens and is one of the reasons why relativity is not compatible in certain cases with quantum mechanics.

    This picture might help.


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