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Bug Trouble with latex

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    I just made a thread here https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=399124 and now whenever I try to use latex to create a new thread I get the same latex stuff from this thread I linked. Here for example

    [tex]lol[/tex] [tex]a^2[/tex] [tex]\sup[/tex] [tex]hi how are you[/tex] and what I typed for each one is [.tex]lol[/tex] [.tex]a^2[/tex] [.tex]\sup[/tex] [.tex]hi how are you[/tex] (without the dots of course). So why is it repeating the same things from my previous thread? I tried restarting my computer and logging in and out but it still does it. Help me fix this please.

    Edit: Hmm now after submitting this thread I see that my preview button is bugged because it did not look like this when I was previewing it before I posted it. Anyways, could you tell me how to fix my buggy preview button?
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    Hi DEMJ! :smile:

    This is a general defect in the preview facility (it's been around for a couple of weeks) … preview shows whatever latex is in your cache, but the final post is still correct.

    The solution is to press Refresh on your browser after pressing Preview. :wink:
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