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Trouble with NetBeans

  1. Aug 24, 2005 #1
    I just installed netbeans on my laptop with is a dell latitude 610. I've been using netbeans for a few months and I am pretty comfortable with it. The problem is with the welcome screen that comes up once you've started up netbeans. The color outlining of each of the lower 4 buttons is scattered everywhere. A similar, related problem I think, occurs when this GUI, Towers Of Hanoi game, runs. It paints the outlining of the towers all over the panel. These two problems have only occurred on my laptop, and NEVER on any other computer, and I've used like over 20 other computers with it. The GUI is error free. I've tried messing with the resolution and nothing changes. Does anybody have an picture of what I'm talking about? If so any ideas what it could be? I've talked with dell and they say it's nothing to do with the computer, so it has to be an application problem.
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