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Troubleshooting a problem .Urgent please !

  1. Jun 14, 2012 #1
    Troubleshooting a problem .....Urgent please !

    hello everyone ,

    I'm working on 30-Bus grid with Powerwolrd simulator ( version 15 ) and I'm facing some troubles with the results ...I got some different values from the one I was expecting , such as low voltages on some of the buses , different values for Reactive Power and different bus angles....the thing is I'm not quite aware of the reasons .. why , I double checked the input data but still there is no use !

    Is there any way I can troubleshoot the problem with the software itself !?
    and do you recommend any suggestions based on the nature of the grid and its components ( the grid consists of 2 generators , several loads and Synchronous condensers )

    I've already attached the diagram below .....thanks in advance .

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