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Troublesome allergy

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    I'm allergic to a large number of things including dust, some deos and perfumes, chalk powder, even vicks inhalers and lots of other things. I even get allergy attacks during change of seasons.
    This time it's been almost a week and my allegy is showing no signs of relenting. The old medicines don't seem to work. I have been sneezing non-stop for 2 hours:mad: and it's driving me crazy. I coujdn't pay attention in class at all. Does anyone have any suggestions ?
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    I assume with that many allergies, you've seen an allergist? If the medications aren't sufficient, have you discussed starting allergy shots to desensitize yourself to the more troublesome of the allergens?

    This year seems to have a bad allergy season brewing up. Even people who have never had allergies before seem to be suffering from what seems like allergies (it's lasting too long to just be a cold).
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    No, I haven't seen an allergist. The old medicines used to stabalize the allergies in a day or so, but this time they don't seem to be working.
    The doctor initially thought it was a cold but changed his mind when I told him I had been sneezing for hours.
    But the intensity seems to vary from place to place, I sneeze like mad in my bro's room and mine but am more comfortable in my parents room.
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    Then it's probably time to see an allergist. They can also do skin testing to confirm more specifically what it is that you're allergic to, and make sure it's a true allergic reaction and not more of a response to irritation (i.e., we all sneeze if someone blows a handful of dust in our face (response to irritation), we don't all sneeze for a whole day after that (allergy)). They might be able to prescribe something more effective than what you're getting over the counter or through your general practitioner (though, I think those all have drowsiness as a major side effect, which may not be much better than sitting around sniffling and sneezing).

    That would make sense for an allergy, since different places might expose you to different allergens. For example, maybe your parents keep their room cleaner and more dust-free than you and your brother do, or your and your brother's rooms face the same side of the house that has some plant growing outside that is the source of allergy, or a pet hangs out in some rooms more than others, or you use different shampoos or air fresheners, etc.
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    I've had spring allergies for many years. This year I got it all taken care of by having full tests done. However, in USA allergy tests cost thousands of dollars and insurance won't cover that. So I went to Poland before spring to visit a friend, and also an allergy clinic. They did full tests under $200 included medication. Right now spring allergy peak approaches I barely sneeze, nose is clear 24 hours a day. I'm extremely thankful for their work.

    I totally feel you, I went through college as well with spring allergies, cut classes and missed parties, and work. I use to have running nose, swollen eyes, and sneezing every two seconds. But I got sick and tired of that.

    So I recommend you visit and talk to an allergy specialist ASAP. They can at least give you something to ease the symptoms.
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