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News Truck driving school giving CDL's to Islamics

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    The NSA is spending $50 billion per year on information gathering and they apparently missed this. The FBI only stopped it recently.

    A truck driving school in Missouri, a school run by the public school system no less, was giving training and helping to provide commercial drivers licenses to people with fake ID's. Of those who obtained licenses, there was a large number of Middle eastern names. We are talking 18 wheelers and tanker trucks here.

    We have to do better than this, many of those who were given licenses are long gone from the area. (according to my local news last night.)

    This link has a good video clip


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    i) Do you have real links? Personal pages and newsmax don't cut it for me.

    ii) Do you have something more substantial than racial profiling and paranoia?

    iii) Where is the $50 billion budget figure from? Even if it seems quite reasonable, I must assume you just made it up since NSA's budgets are classified. Yet you present it as fact.
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    Thread closed.

    Edward, the first problem is the title which insinuates that anyone of the Islamic faith is to be suspected of terrorism.

    The second is that you are assuming, without evidence, that the people in question belonged to the Islamic faith.

    You are also assuming the NSA has no knowledge of this event.

    This just doesn't meet the criteria for a valid, unprejudiced discussion.
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