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True/ Flase

  1. Sep 19, 2008 #1


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    I was able to work through most of them myself but am haveing problems with the following, for some I simply don't understand the statement it self. Any help appericiated.
    Pick the false statements out of the following:

    a. Different p orbitals with the same value of the principal quantum number have different orientations in space.
    b. Only three different orientations are possible for 3d orbitals.
    c. A dxy orbital has maximum electron density along the x and y axes directions.
    d. For the hydrogen atom, a 3d orbital is of higher energy than a 4s orbital.
    e. For helium atom, a 3d electron is of higher energy than a 3s electron.

    I think b, c, and d are false, but am very unsure.
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    I just read-up on the topic a bit more, I now think that only b and c are false. Can someone pleasr verify?
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