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True Nature of Magnetism

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    Magnetism is still a big mystery. This is due to the fact that the source of it cannot be found, the magnetic monopoles.

    It can be theorized that magnetism is the key to understanding the concept of perpetual motion. It seems that the magnetic field is always in motion. This motion is nonstoppable. It detection can be seen by the presence of charged particles in the field. But how fast is the field moving can only be guessed. The strength of the field is determined by the radius of spiral of the charged particles moving along the field lines of force. If the speed of the field is directly proportional to the speed of the field, then when the radius of the spiral is almost zero, the field is moving at near maximum speed. Is this the speed of light?
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    The existence of matter seems to be tied to the existence of magnetism inside matter. So we can say that if there is no magnetic dipole moment inside matter then matter cannot comes into existence.
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    It has been said that beauty is magnetism. The more magnetic a person is the more beautiful and charming this person becomes.

    If a person becomes 100% magnetic then this person lives forever, becoming a perpetual motion person.
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    Further, beauty and magnetism are both related to concept of symmetry. The idealization of a perfect symmetry is the ultimate goal of any physical theory. In Einstein's own words, he would call this perfect symmetry as simplicity.

    The working universe seems to be ruled by laws of asymmetry. The more asymmetry the more complicated the law becomes. And broken symmetry seems to rule the domain of the quantum. But on the large the universe appears isotropic and homogeneous.
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    But an electric person is the one that can do the actions of creativity. So electricity is related to creativity.

    A person that is 100% electric can in reality create the entire universe.
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