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True story of ghost experience

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    True story of "ghost" experience...

    I was 20 years old. I was married with a infant daughter. We lived in a small rock house in the woods built by my great-grandfather. The house had a history of paranormal activity before we moved in but we were unaware of it until after these things started happening, at which point my great-uncle filled us in on prior activity.
    Anyway, it was a summer nite, around 1 am. The window AC unit tripped the breaker that was located outside on the opposite side of the house.
    With the AC being off i woke up starting to sweat, (texas heat). I got up and went outside and flipped the breaker on, then went back inside and turned the AC back on. Before i laid back down i checked on my daughter sleeping in the next room, and she was asleep.
    I laid down next to my wife, (she was on the wall side of the bed), and she was also sleeping deeply.
    I was laying there maybe 5 minutes on my back, (it's hard for me to fall asleep), when a creepy, half whisper voice said my name RIGHT into my right ear.
    My mind raced trying to rationalize W(ho)TF it was in my house at 1 am. In about 2 seconds i decided that whoever was F'n with me was gonna get knocked out by a hammerfist death-blow. I swung with all my might in that direction and hit nothing but air. My momentum almost swung me off the edge of the bed.
    At that point i just took a "boxers guard" defensive position, expecting a possible attack of some sort. So after about 5 minutes of just sitting there in the pitch dark with my hands up and freaking the F out i convinced myself i was mistaken at what i heard (i knew better though). I was completely exhausted at this point from the craziest adrenaline surge of my life, (i've been skydiving, chased by brown bears in alaska, been on sinking ships in the fog, etc.) and i just wanted to forget what happened and remove myself from that place by sleeping again.
    So about 10 minutes go by, i'm laying on my back again, trying to clear my mind and forget it all.....then, "JJJJJJOOHHHHHHHNNNNNN"
    The same creepy, raspy, throaty voice but even louder and more intense and closer RIGHT into my right ear! I jumped up flipped on all the lights and swept the house with a 12 gauge. All windows/doors were locked, it was just my sleeping wife and daughter in the house.
    This is just one account of many. I was a skeptic but, after living there i now believe in "ghosts".
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Hearing your own name spoken in your ear while you are lying in bed at night is, strangely, a very common occurrence. Although I can't tell you what causes it, I can mention, by the way, that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders specifically excludes this experience from the kind of "hearing voices" that schizophrenic's experience:

    "The hallucinations must occur in the context of a clear sensorium; those that occur while falling asleep (hypnagogic) or waking up (hypnopompic) are considered to be within the range of normal experience. Isolated experiences of hearing one's name called or experiences that lack the quality of an external percept (e.g., a humming in one's head) are also not considered to be hallucinations characteristic of schizophrenia."

    DSM-IV, p.275

    As a kid I was several times startled out of near sleep by a woman's voice calling my name in my ear. My sister's said the same thing happened to them now and then.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I was wide awake. I was not on drugs. It was as real as me sitting here and having a friend lean over and say my name in my ear.
    *Other stuff*
    *My mother stayed the night there and she heard her name as well.
    *My wife heard a child in her face at night say, "whatcha doin'?"
    *My wife was on the toilet in the middle of the night and looked out a tiny crack in vertical wood blinds on the window to see a small boy, dressed in 1930ish clothing sitting on the rockwall about 20 feet from the window...staring DIRECTLY at her.
    *We would leave to go to my grandma's house out of town on Fridays, for the weekends. I would make sure the doors/windows were locked and the breakers were off. Many Saturday and Sunday mornings my aunt (she lived about 75 yards down the hill), said the lights in the kitchen would come on and she could see a figure moving about in there.
    *An old black man that worked part-time at the neighbors house also about 75 yards down the hill told me that he wouldn't even look up towards the house. He said that many a time he looked up there while we were gone and would see an old woman in a blue scarf picking up kindling under the trees...(my great-grandma wore a blue scarf when outside to pick up kindling for her wood stove).
    *We would hear boots walking on the wood floor past our bed, (the floors WERE wood, but we overlaid carpet when we moved in!)
    *We would hear doors open and shut while we stared at them, but they wouldn't move.
    These are just some of the things that happened. Maybe one day science/technology will explain what these manifestations are.....or maybe not.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Here's another weird thing about it...
    Around 1999 or so the house was demolished and a medical center was built on top of were it stood. My cousin had to take his son down there one day and the doc's office was directly over were the old house had been.
    Knowing the houses history, he asked the receptionist if they ever had weird stuff happen there. He said she turned pale and asked how he knew! He told her the house story and she said that they all hate to be the last ones there, or the first one in the morning because they hear boots walking on wood floors (it's carpeted), and hear men clearing their throats, women clanking pots and pans around and talking, and kids playing!
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I know all those ghost shows have feeble evidence, if any at all, but i'm here to tell you that there's some weird paranormal stuff out there for real.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I posted a version of this in another thread and I'll repost here:

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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    This sort of thing happened to me when I would talk to my conspiracy theorist friend. He was automatically trusting of anything that supported his conspiracy theorist views and automatically skeptical of anything that contradicted them.
    Some people would rather believe what they want to be true more than what's actually true.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Haha, you can post as much confirmation bias commentary you like, but i am a cynical and skeptical person. All that stuff was happening out of the blue, in/around a house out in the woods with only 2 other houses even near it, and now that same stuff is happening in a new building that sits right on top of where the house stood.
    Those ladies in the doc's office knew nothing of the house until my cousin told them, and yet they all experience the things i just mentioned above.
    I laugh at crop circles/alien abduction crap and most of the ghost "evidence"....but theres no denying the unexplainable stuff that happened there...and is still happening there.
    Anyway, just thought i'd share a few of the stories. I know that the first explaination should always be the obvious one, followed by the next obvious, on down the line...but this stuff was too frequent and too unexplainable to be explained away easily, if at all.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Here's another one...
    Me and another cousin were hiking down a trail in SE Alaska, (we were both commercial fisherman), and we saw an old-*** lady in front of us on top of the rise, about 30 yards ahead. We were wondering why she would be just standing there, all alone in the woods.
    We both looked at each other like, "that's creepy and weird", and when we looked up again she was gone. Thinking she just had turned and walked away, we expected to see her when we crested the rise. We were wrong. There was no trace of her. We scoured the whole area and she was straight-up gone....like vanished into thin air.
    My cuz even ran ahead at full speed to the nearest fishing village and asked the people at that end of the village if an old woman came past and they said no, (even though there's no way she could've out-run my cuz to the village anyway).
    I stayed behind and looked all over some more and never found a trace.
    The indians in the village automatically said it was a spirit lady that tries to lead you deep into the woods to get you lost, and said some of them had had that same stuff happen to them regarding the old lady.
    They referred to her as the "beaver lady".......it was pretty weird, but not as weird as the house stuff.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Paranormal, UFO, and conspiracy stories seem to be almost like addictive drugs to some people: they can't get enough of them.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Zooby, let's stick to one claim at a time.

    If you have a personal theory, we have the Independent Research forum for that. It is certainly not appropriate to address every claim known to man in order to respond to one story.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Most ghost story reports try to project an external cause of the event. The house was haunted, somebody died a tragic death etc. And that is only reinforced by second eye witness.

    But did you ever consider an internal cause? That is, an illusion generated by your own mind?

    In fact, our perception of the world is incredibly subjective. If you see a blue color, there is really no color there, only a wavelength of light. Color is only constructed by your brain. Just like every sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing....it is just a perception to establish a correspondence with reality - which one can never truly experience.

    Sort of off topic. Optical illusions demonstrate how the mind fails to interpret certain images. For example, there is one constructed with disjoint line segments positioned in certain way, and when you look at it, your mind literally fills in the missing line segments where there are none in the image. While other optical illusions make you dizzy, or rotate when they are not.

    It has been shown that room height, shape of the walls, their color, smell can influence the way people think. Also, body language is probably stronger than verbal language. Have you ever looked at someone and knew alot about a person, could pick up subtle clues whether the person is in fear, nervous, uncertain, .... these kinds of cues can also spread among people. If you feel nervous, than the person sitting next to you might pick up on that and start feeling nervous.

    Also, people with Schizophrenia hear and see things which aren't there. What does it tell you, that if the brain is not functioning correctly you hear voices, or the voices are really there?

    Hence, certain conditions/influences can induce an internal stimulation of perception.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I agree that external factors can lend to some experiences, to a degree...but there is a point where you cross the line into stuff that is what it is, with no explanation.
    I guess if you knew me personally you'd know that a hallucination/illusion/mental disorder was out of the question.....not to mention all the others that experienced the same thing independently, without knowing the back stories.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Is this whole post directed to me, or just the first sentence?
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    You missed all the stuff I posted about Derren Brown and general priming. One needn't know a specific back story, just the general type of back story. Everyone has a plethora of these tucked in their memory to be evoked by a spooky house or lonely location.

    Knowing you, personally, is beside the point: I am not aware of anyone who couldn't be induced to experience an illusion or outright hallucination one way or another.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Really? I wasn't aware of that. While preparing to go to my young then-brother-in-law's funeral, I was bent over in the bathroom blow drying my hair. As clear as anything I've ever heard before, I heard someone say my name right next to my left ear. I turned the blow dryer off and waited to see if someone was calling me. I knew that it wasn't anyone else in the house calling me, because the sound hadn't come from far away -- it was directly beside my ear.

    I called downstairs to ask if anyone had called up to me, just to check, and no, no one had. I finished blow drying my hair.

    Nothing like that had happened previously or since. I didn't chalk it up to "ghosts"; I chalked it up to an experience I don't have an explanation for. It was pretty weird, though.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    Is your name WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (the sound of a blow dryer)? Cause that might explain it.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I used to hear voices when sitting by an air purifier which runs as loud as a blow dryer. Here's why:

    My parents always had a tendency to storm in my room spontaneously, to ask something, dump their opinions on me, and then leave. This irritated me when I lived with them because when I was working on something or studying, a sudden disruption in my concentration would last long after they leave, and in the end I was left with elevated heart rate.

    Overtime, this built up to having a constant anxiety when my parents were in the house. I didn't mind them, just the abrupt interruption which they constantly do.

    So when sitting by that fan, I had a thought that any minute somebody will rush in my room. And this is when I started hearing voices in the noise of the fan. Some voices were clearly my parent's, and others are open to interpretation. This occurred on regular basis, so I started investigating. When fan was off, there was no voices, when parents were out of the house, there was no voices.

    I realized the voices were welling up from deep within my mind. And soon they became bothersome, so I started to tune them out, by ignoring them when they occurred. And the voices faded and never heard them again. That was back in high school years.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    You don't have to have any mental disorders to experience different illusions.
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    Re: True story of "ghost" experience...

    I don't know if you are inferring that maybe the same explanation could be used for my story...if you are you're WAY off. The name i heard was NOTHING even close to what you just described. It was just as i stated, laying wide awake in the dark, then hearing you're name from an unknown voice as loud and clear as if the mouth was 2 inches from your ear...only no breath or warmth was felt from it.
    It was legit, believe me.
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