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Truly new to biology, Looking for some materials

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    I am in need of some materials about evolution, anyone knows of any good ones for me to reference ?

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    Do you mean the Darwinian theory?

    The word "evolution" could refer to the principle of evolution, which is an undeniable fact of nature, or it could refer to Darwin's theory of natural selection.

    If it is the latter, then I suggest going straight to the source, and reading On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin himself. Then, I suggest anything by Stephen Jay Gould (particularly this new book (the name of which I can't presently recall) that he published specifically for explaining neo-Darwinian theory).

    Is there anything in particular that you have questions about, with regard to the theory?
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    Thanks, I will search for him
    Actually i have no questions about this right now...I will make some later.
    Sure I will have a lot of questions.

    again,Thanks a lot

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