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Truncating a number

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    Write a Matlab Function file that takes one integer in and converts it to an integer with only 5 significant digits.
    Eg Trunc(123)--------ans=123
    Tunc(123345678) ----ans=12345e+03

    My thoughts
    First see that the max number that doesn't get truncated is 99999.

    set up some logic
    if n>99999
    insert logic
    (n is the value passed into the function).
    Can anyone give us a hand?????
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    HINT: What does taking the base 10 logarithm of a number (in MATLAB, log10) tell you?
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    Taking the base 10 is to find out how many times you would have to multiply by 10 to get the number. As i understand it to be.
    I am still a little trouble with getting the missing logic.
    Can you push me just a little bit further.
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    Actually, you had the answer, you just phrased it in a manner which isn't so helpful ;-)

    Taking the log10 of any number (greater than 1) gives you 1 less than the number of digits in that number.

    log10(10) = 1
    log10(99) = 1.9956

    So if you add 1 to log10(number > 1) and then rounded down, you'd get the number of digits in the number the user inputs.

    >> digits = floor(log10(number) + 1)

    And I think that's about as much as I can give you without giving away everything.

    EDIT: Clarification
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    Thanks mate was able to get it in the end sorry about the cross posting, novice user here.
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