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Truncating numbers

  1. Mar 21, 2009 #1
    Write a Matlab Function file that takes one integer in and converts it to an integer with only 5 significant digits.
    Eg Trunc(123)--------ans=123
    Tunc(123345678) ----ans=12345e+03

    My thoughts
    First see that the max number that doesn't get truncated is 99999.

    set up some logic
    if n>99999
    insert logic
    (n is the value passed into the function).
    Can anyone give us a hand?????
    Or suggest another approach
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  3. Mar 22, 2009 #2
    One idea might be to use modulus and divide repeatedly to collect the digits of the integer in an array.

    n = 12345678

    a(0) = 8
    a(1) = 7
    a(7) = 1

    Then scan down the array and either truncate or round the integer in the array. This is similar to the binary coded decimal arithmetic some computers have used.
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