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Homework Help: Truss analysis advice wanted.

  1. May 10, 2012 #1
    Hi I’m doing a project where we have to design a truss. I’ve made a design and I’ve figured out the reaction forces. There is a support in the middle and one on the left side, both of them are only vertical reactions and finally there is a load of 250N on the right being applied.

    I don’t expect anyone to do this for me, but I’m just wondering if there is not enough information, or there’s too many members passing through one node to solve using the three equations of equilibrium.

    I’ve attached the design and sorry for the messy writing. Could someone please suggest which joint to start at and what process I have to use there?

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    Looks like an unorthodox way to support a truss. The members to the left of TC and to the right of KV don't do anything. The vertical and short diagonals also carry no force....you'd need them perhaps to brace compression members against buckling.. Otherwise, the Truss is statically determinate.
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