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Homework Help: Truss Analysis: Method of Joints

  1. Mar 4, 2012 #1
    I'm doing this truss analysis by method of joints and I have determined the forces at "A" and "G" and have moved on to determine the loads at each joint. I have determined the angle to be 63.34 for the 10' and 53.13 for the 15'(I took the inverse tangent of 20/10=63.34 and I took the inverse tangent of 20/15=53.13). As you can see I have calculated the forces at joint "A" and i then moved on the joint "L". For Joint "L", I feel that I have made a mistake somewhere and this may have made my other calculations wrong. I want to know if my calculations made at "L" are correct. Also, I believe that "AL" would actually be symmetrical to "KL", but am not sure of that. The truss is also in symmetry so the other side will just match up with the other side.

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