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Homework Help: Truss analysis with Matlab

  1. Jul 16, 2014 #1


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    Hello, I have been working on this Truss problem and have not managed to get it right. I have checked my equations over and over and everything seems to check out, but I only get 4/24 on the autograder.

    Here is my paper worked out.

    ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1405563826.908265.jpg

    Here is my Code. Because I don't like the opposite sign convention from the problem statement, I just used the normal sign convention and multiplied by -1, -(A\b). Whether I keep it -(A\b) or A\b, I still get 4/24 points.
    Code (Text):
    function T = trussAnalyze(Px,Pz)
    A = [cosd(180),cosd(30),0,cosd(270),cosd(atand(3/4)+180),0;
        0, cosd(210),cosd(240),0,0,0;
    b =[0;Px;0;0;Pz;0];
    T = -(A\b);
    I run the autograder and here is an example of the feedback I get
    Code (Text):
    In test case 2:
        'Pure downward loading'

    *Right size and class, but wrong values (even accounting for roundoff)
    Argument 1:

    Argument 2:
    EDIT: Wrote it on a paper and uploaded as PDF so that my work is easier to see.

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    my -0.6 and 1 were switched
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