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News Truth, Justice, and The American Way

  1. Aug 26, 2004 #1
    So Hicks has finally been allowed to see his family, after three years held illegally in limbo. No charges yet. He'll go before a "court" soon, in which the judge will also sit on the jury.

    Habib has been held for three years. He hasn't seen anyone. Not even a lawyer. Not once. Nor has he been charged with anything.

    Superman would be proud.
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    So who are Hicks and Habib? I knew a Habib once. Is it the same Habib? She was hot.
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    Hicks is also known as "The Australian Taliban". He was captured in Afganistan and has been held in Camp X-ray. The photo of him holding an RPG before his capture is quite lovely.
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    I've held many weapons, and have been in many photos. Does that make me a terrorist or something?
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    For those who are unaware of things happening around the world... They are two Australians abducted and held illegally by the USA at Guantanimo Bay, just as many others from other nations are illegally held.
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    Look at me, I claim words like "illegally" but offer no backing for my statements.
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    I found this signature humorous.
    Peaceful ideas to assist the campaign ?? Include some facts!! :rofl:
    About time someone said this.
  10. Aug 26, 2004 #9
    This comment simply shows your lack of memory or reading capability. I've covered this a few times before.
  11. Aug 26, 2004 #10
    Are you suggesting some facts are incorrect? Then which ones?
  12. Aug 26, 2004 #11
    No, actually it's requiring you to post specifics so that we can enter a debate, instead of trying to debate what each person 'remembers' from postings that may or may not be accurate today.
  13. Aug 26, 2004 #12
    More of a cheap shot at the constant lack of facts on flyers and other media that is put out. I see all these doomsayer signs by PETA,greenpeace, or really any movement hijacked by politicos - and no one ever says "stop the overdone antics and just post facts"
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    Holding of suspected terrorists is covered in the patriot act, signed into law by congress. If you want to claim the law is unconstitutional, you might want to provide some argument, but you might have a case. These detainments are certainly not illegal.
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    By the way, isn't there some clause in the rules here stipulating that the title of a thread should be informative and be directly related to the content of the first post? Come on Adam. I clicked on that Kent State thread actually thinking you had something relevant to say about current events.
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    Please see the international laws already covered here. The USA signed on for those too. And no, I am not subject to US domestic laws.
  17. Aug 26, 2004 #16
    it sounds like this is going to be a dark chapter in american history. i think it is quite wrong that so many people are detained without charge or reason and with the issues of human rights violations in american prisions its even worse. what are the chances a person has already been detained without charge, no access to any third party intervention, no apeal to law, had their human rights violated, and turned out not to have any connections with terrorist organizations? i personaly think the reasons for the iraq war were weak so i dont buy this whole idea of 'we know they know terrorists and wer holding them because of it, but we're not going to tell you why'.

    its disgusting
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