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Truth Table

  1. Apr 12, 2008 #1
    I don't know if I can get help here, but it's worth trying, I have to design a state table for a sequential circuit, the table looks like this

    P St Input N St Output
    A B X Y A B Z
    0 0 0 0
    0 0 0 1
    0 0 1 0
    0 0 1 1
    0 1 0 0
    0 1 0 1
    0 1 1 0

    My question is, how is the Next state of A B an Output Z calculated???
    Thanks for you help in advance!!!
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    I think you are going to have to explain your truth table a bit more, or at least what your circuit is trying to do.
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    Welcome to the PF, ibaraku. The outputs are defined by whatever function you are trying to make with your state machine. You will be given a function, or a truth table, from which you design the logic and flipflop arrangement to make those next state and output values. Look in your study materials for information on Mealy and Moore state machines, or look them up on wikipedia.org
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