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Try this!

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    This was pretty cool. I had to draw the cross section of a quad seal (on CAD). It’s basically an O-ring with a cross section that looks like a deformed square with these lobes on the corners. It looks like this:
    http://www.daemar.com/images/Quad-Ring-PartingLine.jpg [Broken]

    But I don’t have exact dimensions, and the square is only 0.103” across, so it’s tiny. I measured a few critical dimensions and sketched it in by hand on CAD, so I now have a roughly scale model of it on my computer screen.

    I have one of these cut so I can look at the cross section under a magnifying glass but I wanted to compare what I was looking at to what I’d drawn on the screen.

    ---- here’s where it gets interesting ……..

    To compare the two, I held the actual part under the magnifying glass and looked at it with one eye, then looked at the picture I drew on the screen with my other eye. After moving the right distance from the screen and getting everything into focus, I could superimpose the two images and see that they were very close to matching! I could actually get the two images to match both in size and focus.

    Try it some time. Get a circle or something and look at it under a magnifying glass with one eye and have the same image on your computer screen to look at with your other eye and see if you can superimpose one image on the other. You really don’t need a magnifying glass I suppose, but that might help to allow your eyes to focus since the objects are at different distances from you.

    Once you do that, you should also find that in your mind, you can shift between the two images. You can focus your thoughts on one of them then the other so you only see one or the other.

    Well, I though it was pretty cool anyway... Now if I tell my daughter, she’s going to tell me I’ve lost another Man Badge. <sigh>…
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    What exactly are we trying to do? Did you know you can think out loud in your head and talk out loud to people at the same time?
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