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Try this

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    My supervisor at work is chronically upbeat. She works at inspiring her people. She says things like "you're just fantastic!" or "you're just the best!". So I started saying similar things back to her and she will say "No you're the best!". And we laugh. The other day she walked by some of us and said "I just wanted to say how much I love all of you." We all looked at each other. So the other day I said to my wife "you're the best!" Wow it really made a positive impact on her. Better than the old 'I love you'. Try this with those in your life and see what happens. Let me know. Doing nice and unexpected things for people can have suprising results. One time at this hospital where I worked as a voulnteer we passed out homemade valentines to anybody who came along. In the elevator I asked one nurse if her husband had given her a valentine yet. She said no. I gave her one and it rocked her boat. I'll never forget that lesson.
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    This is a great idea! You're awesome for posting this! :smile:
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    Tregg Smith, you're the best!!
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    Enjoy her while you can.
    The next one will be " Ok people, buckle down. I want results."
    And the upside of that. though, is that you will feel much better going home than coming in to work.
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    lol micro...you are definitely the best :biggrin:
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