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I Try to solve 10=(e^x)/x

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    Hey, new here, I just want to know how can i solve that, i mean i know that there is 2 solutions and i can pove it pretty easily but. How can i found solution x1 and x2 for the following equation :


    Hope anyone can help >.< ( PS: I'm foreign please forgive me about my orthography)
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    Hello, and :welcome:

    What do you regard as a solution? It can be expressed with the Lambert W-function or given numerically.
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    Well in my assignment i need to express it numerically, which i can do really fine. But i wanted to go further and try to express it with the ProductLog function but dindn't found any ways to make it like x = ... with no x in the " ... " >.<
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    You won't find any, because there is none. All you can achieve is an expression with the Lambert W-function like the one here. (And this function isn't really one.)

    Edit: And of course the series expansion.
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    Sweet, thanks for the help
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    Wait hold on what does the -1 on the W-1(-0.1) means ?
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    Have a look on the Wikipedia page I linked to:
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