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Trying something new

  1. Aug 11, 2006 #1
    OK, you might laugh at me for this, but...

    I am looking at building microcontrollers, doing simple stuff for now, like cutting power to another controller, or doing a PID controller on a servo.

    I am thinking about using simulink and real-time workshop to do this. (this is the funny)

    My question is, how do I integrate external input sensors and output actuators into simulink so that RTW-generated C code takes those inputs, runs them through my model/program and gives the desired outputs?

    And on the power one, that seems pretty basic, user input says switch ->, switch is a power switch, cutting voltage to 0V on board needing to be powered off.

    But my question still stands. I am trying to do stuff without learning C syntax, just reading the code, getting familiar (i am doing stuff on desktop as well), so when I take my microcontroller class, I have a leg up.

    Thanks all!!!
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    Nope. To learn how to work with uCs, you need to at least buy a small kit and compiler and start writing code. No other way. Go for it!
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    Bummer. And there seemed to be so many resources out there from the matlab people.

    recommendations as to what I should get for kit and compiler? and a book maybe? I hate finding stuff online, just too frustrating IMO.
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