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Trying to better myself

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    So here it goes; pretty much I was searching up for "best book to learn physics from" and just so happen to come across this website. Before I go any further, I would like to explain my situation. I am currently a community college student, straight out of high school. I am not where I am due to finance or anything; I'm here because I was a below average student. Aside from that I am very interested in physics. I just never really had motivation, despite the fact that I would constantly find myself trying to research more and more on the subject. I do not consider myself an unintelligent person or incapable of comprehending many of the topics within this subject, more so I never had the drive or work ethic to excel beyond my insecurity. Despite being a failure in high school, I did take advance classes, honors and IB (Similar to AP).

    As I said, currently I am attending a local community college and I've decided to take my education seriously. Not just for the sake of going somewhere without a definitive goal, but to accomplish my dream of being proficient in the fields of math and science. I plan on transferring to Georgia Tech, but right now I don't have the required classes to do so for this semester. Next semester, I plan on taking a Math Placement test in order to skip college algebra and head straight for Calculus 1/2. Before that I want to make up the times that I refused to stay focused on my school work. I've taken the liberty to buy 'Introducing Pure Mathematics' by Robert Smedley and I was wondering which physics book would be best for someone who has never taken the subject? Since right now I am an Engineer major I am required to take Physics 1/2 plus lab, but first I need Calculus 1/2 before I can even take the class. Not only that, but these are required classes if I want to go to Tech, and I really do.

    Pretty much I just want to be prepared for the work load (in terms of math and science) -when- I get into Tech.
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    worry about the classes you are taking now, worry about Physics when you get to it.

    trying to think about the step your taking 5 steps from now will make you trip on your 2nd step.

    I know this doesnt help your current situation but why take on more then you should?

    when you get pass the prereqs to take physics, dont worry it will be there.
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    If I were you and were wanting to learn about a subject prior to taking the course, I'd just give Khan Academy a look-see. You don't need to work through a book unless you're preparing over the summer for a fall class or something like that. Familiarize yourself with the subject matter, but you don't have to master it until you take the class.
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. Checked out the website, really informative, and pretty much what I needed. And yeh, mainly what I was looking for was something to get me started on basic physics. I'll be spending some time on this.
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    In my college you can take calculus with calculus based physics together. See if your college has that option.
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