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Trying to build a gas collecting chamber above a packed bed

  1. May 14, 2017 #1
    Hi guys,

    I'm a graduate student and currently doing some research on a packed bed - I want to collect gas data from the headspace of my samples so i thought of building a gas collecting chamber on top of the vessel, where i can take gas measurements using calorimetric gas tubes. I'm not sure where to start and what key parameters i should be looking out for first. I attached a sketch of what i'm thinking it should look like. The idea is that when i want to sample the gas i would close stopcock (1) - open (2) / (3) until the liquid fills about half the chamber > close (3) and (2) and open (1). Now that the chamber is filled i could open the aperture (4) and sample my gas. Once finished, i could use the drain to get rid of the liquid sample. I was also thinking of installing a cheap analog pressure gauge on the bottom of the chamber to get an idea of the hydro-static pressure. Please advise, would love to hear all your comments.http://imgur.com/a/aze9g
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