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Trying to find a job w/ math degree.

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    So I am soon to graduate soon w/ a BA in math. I have 2 plans in terms of finding jobs:

    1) try for acturial science

    2) go into a different field.

    My state ok oklahoma, doesn't have much of an actuarial oppurtunity, so I want to see what I can do in a different field. And, for personal reasons, I think I will need to stay in oklahoma for atleast a couple years before I can relocate to another bigger state.

    What I want to focus on, is to go into applied math, specifically, statistics. I have found that I enjoy clac, stat, and probablitity classes the most, and would like to do this kind of job.

    I did do some research, and found a few places to send my resume to:

    OGE electric company
    American Fidelity

    etc etc....

    ofcourse, a few of those, my career services found them for me, and she reccomend me to try those.....

    Are there any other places that you guys can think of that can help me find a job? I really want to go into like data analysis, risk analysis field, but I dont want to limit myself to just the insurance world(acturial science).

    Any types of other companies I can look into?

    I mean, what type of jobs do you all reccomend?
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    It's hard to find a job with a math degree.
    finding a job which requires the applicant to have a math degree on the other hand should be a piece of cake.
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    Good one, as always :biggrin:
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