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Trying to fix my old laptop!

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    Ok, I tried reformatting my laptop with my Windows XP CD. Here's what happened...

    I boot from the CD, and everything works fine. Delete partition and start formatting. It goes half way through and then tells me I'm missing some DATA file, then I retry and retry, but never works. Also, the CD doesn't spin while I click retry, so I click ignore and then another DATA file is missing and this continues on for many many files and then eventually setup fails.

    I try again after a few months (I left and just bought a new one while I was away) and now it won't even start the setup. The CD drive just sits still and stops at the beginning of the setup. It doesn't even say DATA files are missing or anything. It just sits there at 0% forever.

    I reformatted my laptop atleast 6-7 times previously so I do know how to do it, but for some reason it's not working now.

    Is the CD drive messed up?

    I tried cleaning the CD itself and the CD is fine. No visible stratches or anything of the like.

    Any other possibilities?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Jason are you still having problems? Perhaps you do have a bad CD drive.
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