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Trying to ID RFID/RFIC devices

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    Hi All,
    I'm new to RFID/RFIC and I downloaded an reader app to my phone and identified a device with a manufacturer that I couldn't find anywhere online with a 6 pair hexadecimal number. Can anyone tell me what each pair represents?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    How is your phone pinging the RFID device? Unless it's some Bluetooth device, I don't know how it can ping it.

    Also, what research have you done so far into RFID and any standards that are in use? :smile:
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    The app states that it uses a bluetooth connection. I'm interested in both RFID and RFIC. For what I understand, RFID is used for tracking and identification. RFIC is used for telemetry and the such. That's really what I'm interested in. Firstly, identifying a device: i.e.. manufacturer, use, origin, application, format and so on would help greatly. I've been searching the net to try to locate how to decode the number and am hitting a wall. I did find an image on Google, unfortunately, I can't trace where I saw it. Again, simple question: What do the six pairs of hexadecimal numbers represent?
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    If you really retrieved the code, there is probably nothing to decide. It could be a hash tag used as an index to look up a database record. It doesn't make sense to encode the actual information into a RFID chip.
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    Any information on this device would be helpful. What do the pairs represent?
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    Your request is not very clear, I can only assume you are refering to the MAC address, which is the unique identifier of the device.
    When describing bluetooth, it is not (at least in my experience) referred to as RFID, RFID is something totally different.
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    Yes, thank you for your reply. I'm a bit familiar with RFID and RFIC. I was simply stating the binging mechanism used by the app, Bluetooth. Thanks, it is the MAC address and I was able to locate the manufacture and address.
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