Trying to import an already meshed surface to Comsol for FE analysis

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I'm starting using Comsol, and I have some problems that I want to ask.
I have some tessellated surfaces (triangles), and I'm trying to do some FEA analysis.

As far as I know, Comsol only supports NURBS surfaces (as .step or .igs), but not meshes.
I think that for FE analysis I will need to mesh my surfaces.
As I already have a meshed surface, is there any way to load this kind of surfaces without converting to NURBS and meshing again?

Some of the formats that I'm using are .surf, .obj, .stl (but Comsol is having problems with this), 3D .dxf.

If not, do you know any other way or software to do some finite element analysis starting from tessellated surfaces?

Any help with be appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards.

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