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Trying to Learn Some Math

  1. Nov 26, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone, I have a bit of time on my hands, so I'm trying to take an organized approach to learning some more advanced math.

    What I have now is,
    Real Analysis 1 (First half of Baby Rudin)
    Linear Algebra (First half of Friedberg Insel Spence)
    Point Set Topology (Munkres almost through Urysohn Metrization)
    Some Algebraic Topology (Just some basics about the 1st Fundamental Group)
    Basic Ring and Field Theory (Some baby book)
    Basic Group Theory (Abstract Algebra-Herstein)
    Some ODE (but a while ago)
    Some Probability and Statistics (Again a while ago and from weak textbooks)
    Some Set Theory (First half of Halmos)

    I would like to get a more complete treatment of math at the advanced undergraduate level, and it seems I'm missing Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, more advanced Algebra, and more advanced Probability and Statistics (I have little measure theory, so maybe I'd need to learn some of that first)

    I'll be taking a second analysis course in the Spring so I'll get a treatment of that.

    My thoughts were to try to tackle at least some of Dummit and Foote with respect to Algebra, then try Do Carmo's Differential Geometry.

    If you have suggestions on books, other topics I should look into, or an order for which I should try to tackle this, that would be much appreciated. I have just about a year and a half.
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