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Trying to live buy a new def. of true love.

  1. Apr 21, 2005 #1
    Doing all and only what you think is best for your 'loved ones' overall as time approaches the furthest you can predict.
    The 'as time approaches the furthest you can predict' I mean you plan your current actions to have the best overall outcome (which includes how much suffering and happiness has occurred ) at the furthest time that you can current predict.
    I am unsure of whom I want to define as 'loved ones'. I am also unsure what is best for them even in just a little more concrete than 'best'.
    The range I have for definition of 'loved ones' is some where between all existing ideas beings and every thing else (which I like the most because it is not exluseive), every thing that has emotions, and everything that is intelligent (including your slave that is sitting in front of you. :rofl: )
    The range I have for the definition of 'best' is emotions, existence (as in keep all loved ones out of threat of extension), and self worth (if that is not covered by emotons).
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