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Trying to narrow down career interests: SPACE

  1. Apr 19, 2012 #1
    Hi, I'm interested in engineering as a career that I would pursue for at least 30 years, but I'm currently undecided about which form of engineering would be the most enjoyable and fulfilling for me to study.

    My considerations include:
    * Aeronautical/Aerospace engineering (if I chose this I will go to Mississippi State University which offers a doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering "Philosophy")
    * Polymer engineering
    * Mechanical engineering (currently taking undergrad pre-reqs, 2nd semester Freshman at Junior College)
    * Boimedical Engineering (the thing about B.E. is that I'm not sure if I want to take all the human biology/chemistry stuff)

    The most important things to me about my chosen career is that I am able to understand and possibly apply the latest research and knowledge about many of the big science fields in my job. I am very interested in space and space travel. I think it would be very, very fun to make it possible to populate other planets and have huge "Star Wars-like" worlds. I understand that, if it happens, is many many years into the future, but I definitely think that would be fun.

    I am also a competitive martial artist and I intend to compete in national and international competitions throughout my college career. I would involve 1-2 weekends of each month devoted to traveling to and from and competing in the event as well as a few hours each day (maybe 2.5 to as many as I could manage). Do you think this is possible with any of the above careers college class load? I'm a hard working guy and I've been making straight A's except for chemistry (I and II), which I'm not ashamed of because college chem was my first chem class ever LOL.

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