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Trying to narrow my Academic field

  1. Nov 29, 2012 #1
    So I currently have the following: (All B.S.)
    A degree in Math specializing in Graduate studies
    A degree in Physics specializing in medical physics

    and currently pursuing a degree in chemistry.

    I am pursuing the third because I have a pattern in my classes.
    Intro level with little theory I tend to do not so great in, but Most 300+ level courses I get at least a B+, which I'm trying to raise my GPA from. Math I usually succeed splendidly, especially in proof writing classes or challenging abstract fields, but the last math class I took I ended with a C+ due to a death in the family (old school teacher, not the most understanding). I would love to get into pure mathematics, I even got asked to do the REU at penn state by one of the heads, but I want to do something that would combine everything. I am currently testing the waters with a mathematical methods for theoretical physics class. I think tensors are crazy in a cool way, and considering taking a differential geometry class just to do further investigation.

    Any suggestions?
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