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Trying to re-learn physics.

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    as I said in the title, I'm trying to re-learn physics. I say re-learn because last year when I finished high-school, I Obtained the Bac S OIB, a French diploma. The Bac S (aka Scientific Baccalauréat) has a fair number of subjects including: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Geology. But the Bac S OIB ads English Literature, History and Geography. The rhythm was very difficult to keep up with, and the few people of my class who were able to excel in all 12 subjects have earned my undying respect. They also spent every waking hour working; hard work pays off I guess.
    I on the other hand saw my education suffer, and during the last year I had to 'abandon' a few subjects to focus on others. Regrettably, physics was abandoned, and I barely got a pass in Maths. The problem is, Physics is one of my favorite subjects, and it annoys my that I didn't do better.

    So now that I'm at Uni, and that the work load is comparatively inexistent, I have all the time I want to go over this subject. Though I can't really contribute to the content of the forum, I'm hoping that you could point me towards good resources such as online books, or if some one has typed/scanned their high-school physics notes and is willing to share I'd be very grateful.

    I realize 're-learning physics' rather vague, but what I'm trying to say is that I'm lacking the tools to fully understand what I've learnt; I think I understand the concepts, the basic idea, but I lack the formulas, the vocabulary and the rules. For example, in the final exams, I understood the questions (to the extent that my vocabulary allowed it) but was unable to answer.
    Any help, pointer, or advice would be great.

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    Pepys, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    In a post just above yours called "Where do I begin?" one member named kjamha suggested this site for learning basic physics. I visited the site and think it is an excellent place for you to get the kind of review you want.

    See: http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/
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    The OCW Scholar courses on MIT's OpenCourseWare are good, too. You can also take a look at the content on our own forums here.
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