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Trying to self-study rudin

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    I am trying to self-study Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis. It worked well for the first 7-8 chapters since there were tons of resources online that gave suggested homework problems, solutions, and hints but now I have reached chapter 9 and the only course website I can find that actually covers those chapters is this one: http://vorpal.math.drexel.edu/course/ia2/index.xhtml
    There they just give suggested problems but no solutions or hints, so sometimes I have a proof but I am really not sure if it is correct. Does anyone know of another course website that covers chapter 9,10,11 of Rudin? Also, can you give me some suggested problems? I used to just pick problems at random to do but that was a horrible idea since some of the problems are kind of "open-ended" or just really really hard and not really suitable for self-study.
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    what are the topics of those chapters?

    doesn't rudin have a zillion problems?

    you should know yourself by now if your solutions are correct or not. but we could look at some of them for you.

    ok i found whats in chapters 9,10,11.

    if you want my advice, read spivak's calculus on manifolds instead of rudin's chapters 9 and 10.

    i think spivak does a MUCH better job on those topics. rudin might be ok for chapter 11, but it is still only a bare minimum intro to the topic.
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