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Tse Meng Tan lectures

  1. Jun 22, 2013 #1

    Simon Bridge

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    http://home.comcast.net/~szemengtan/ [Broken]
    I used to solve a lot of problems by asking "How would Dr Tan do this?"

    Tse Tan was one of my professors at the University of Auckland and became famous as the local Expert on Everything. I didn't do his Quantum Optics course - basically because all the A+ students were doing it and so there was no way I'd get on any of the optics research groups.

    His lectures, in this set, are at the senior undergrad to post-grad level, covering most of the foundation stuff in a clear and concise way that made students love him. I've had cause to revisit them in answering some questions here ... so, if I have looked like I know what I'm doing at all, this is why.

    He's also authored a Matlab toolkit for Quantum Optics that you can still find online.

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