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Tsunami-aid ideas?

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    I am trying to think of what would be the best way to make some money from my school for the tsunami victims.

    I am currently a member of national honors society and I started my own current event club... SAFA- (students for the awareness of foreign affairs)

    So I was thinking of trying to go through one of those if not both of those organizations- I just listed them to show you what I have to work with. I am trying to figure out what kind of a fundraiser I could have that would provide as much help as possible...

    I need Ideas....

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    tell them lots of americans died...
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    I actually find that rather offensive what you just said... and I usually don't find things that offensive. I am just ****ing sick and tired of other countries complaining about the united states and how greedy they are.

    I am in need of fundraising ideas.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The response by Americans to this disaster is unprecidented. In one twenty-four hour period, UNICEF recieved more donations than all of last year. Even disaster victims in Florida - themselves victims of this years hurricans - were working to provide disaster relief for tsunami victims. Klusener, don't kid yourself, Americans are the most generous people on earth. Anyone who says otherwise ignores the tremendous work done by charities, in addition to government programs.

    Tom, I would check with the Red Cross and other relief agencies, and see what they have to say. I'm sure that they have programs that you could implement at your school.
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    The red cross has funds set up for the disaster, but they don't have actual programs for high schools. I need some sort of an idea like a bake sale... excet something more creative.
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    Since I'm from one of the countries where this disaster has occured I'll give some idea how we are participating in the relief work.

    The community members have donated some clothes, medicines, cash etc. to the social organisations invovled in the relief work. So maybe you can find out if any of your local groups are involved in the relief work and offer any assistance to them.

    All the best...
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    tell them about the aftermath of disease that desperately needs attention.
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    sorry ivan seeking and tom mccurdy, i apologize for that post, i should have said better compared to the reaction here and in america,where lot's of help is flowing from, the science minister in the Indian gov. after he learned about the earthquake in sumatra, he didn't go to the prime minister or the president, he went to the leader of his party, Congress, and told her about this.. how stupid would you have to be to do that, that definitely cost a lot of lives... but on the other hand, this person in singapore after he learned about the earthquake, he called home to his Indian village and the whole village evacuated saving thousands of lives..

    in other words, i was just in a bad mood about the people here..
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    i will repeat don't in anyway send clothes to chennai, send it to Sri Lanka or something, because there is been an overflow of clothes here and most of them are just on the streets..
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    You and others might think about notifying aid organizations with info like that. It might help the agencies to improve their logistics to know where the aid needs to go.
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    I would sugest targeted aid to needs vs eazy tranport to get it there QUICKLY

    like water filters are lighter then shipping water
    portable stoves like camping stuff to boil water and cook food tooo
    tents and other quick shelters
  14. Jan 3, 2005 #13
    Art auction. Go to a local college with an art department and ask for artwork donations, get local professional artists to donate work (go through a local art society for contacts) get the art teachers at the high school to help organize and see if you can get a local auction house to run the actual auction. As for high school kids involvement, advertising the event, gathering and cataloging the works, running the background work (setting up the artworks for the auction, moving the pictures for the auctioneer, taking the money, etc.) With donated professional and high quality student work these can be quite lucrative.
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    i donated some money to red crescent
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    brilliant idea... I am looking strongly into the art idea
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    malaysia is not badly hit,
    67 people died.
    we are actually lucky.
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    Math Is Hard

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    How much is our aid helping? Is it even a drop in the bucket? I mean, the disaster was just so immense!
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    let them die, no need to help.
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    Something to remember is that they will need help for months to come, not just immediately.

    Tom McCurdy, I am pretty sure that there are tax incentives to both the buyer of the art and the artist, but I am no expert on this. It can help you to promote both the donations and the event if there are tax breaks. I think the artists who itemize deductions can deduct the value of the materials used at very least (this may appeal to the professionals). Check with a local CPA on tax breaks you can promote.

    If you do decide on an art auction, let us know. There are a lot of artistic persons on this forum who may be willing to send work.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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