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News Tsunami videos - relief organizations

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    A large number of tsunami videos at this blog site including general information about tsunamis. This site also has information repecting relief organizations. These people need our support. There is one image at this site which may be the most terrible and saddest image I have ever seen - there is a warning of such at the site -

    http://jlgolson.blogspot.com/2004/12/tsunami-video.html [Broken]

    Pretty intense video of the tsunami coming in. It runs two minutes, fourteen seconds and is an 11 mb WMV file – so, if you're using dialup, it will take a good time to download (about 45 minutes for dialup?).

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    God, which charities are legitimate enough that my donating money will actually help people instead of just get siphoned off into someone's pocket? Is the Red Cross involved with the UN someway, or is it an independent organization?
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