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TTL waveform

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    A 20Hz TTL waveform is applied to the circuit...

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    - I'm working an activity for my lab tomorrow (not actually due for any points, just to help us get an understanding of the lab), but I'm not really sure what it means when it says a "20 Hz TTL waveform". Can somebody explain this to me? I know that TTL usually means Transistor-Transistor Logic, but what does it mean in reference to a wave form.

    I should also note that I'm trying to simulate the circuit in Pspice capture.
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    TTL refers to the voltage thresholds for a "hi" and a "low", also it should be known that it is a single ended signal meaning one wire referenced to GND

    The "low" voltage level is zero to 0.8 volts, and the "high" voltage level is 2 volts to 5 volts.
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    Can you explain how to model a TTL waveform in Pspice capture? More specifically, a 0-3V square wave at 20Hz.
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