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Tube Ccts

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    Hey everyone!

    I have a project going on with a friend...a hifi tube amp! yeehaw!

    Im going to start small the 60 watt range (30 per channel) and am wondering if anyone has any recommended reading for tube amp circuits, i need a book that gets right down into the dirt of tubes so that i can design it from the roots up with very low noise level and ideal configurations.

    Any direction is greatly appreciated as I just got through my EE degree and we didnt even touch on vacuum tubes once...everything is solid state and digital it seems. grrrrrr not in the audiophile wolrd :D

    Take good care all,
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    Here is a short tutorial on the internet:


    Just a thought.. if you are going for low noise, vaccum tubes may not be the ticket. Most audiophiles I know like the sound from these units because they are not very clean. The second harmonic distortion does have a rather pleasant effect, especially with old Fender guitar amps.
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    "Small" is 1-5 W. http://www.audiobanter.com/q-t_53330-Good-Tube-Books.html [Broken]
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